A Future of Hope

Acorns and Pumpkins – The future is a promise, can you see it?

Acorns & Pumpkins
Acorns & Pumpkins

There is a story about two men who went for a drive off the main road and into a rural countryside of orchards and pasture animals.  Walter, the driver, stopped after a time and described all the building plans he had for a project on the property to his friend.  He encouraged his good friend Arthur to buy some of the land near the planned project, believing it would increase in value.  Arthur considered how far they were from town and was afraid that no one would be willing to brave the 25 mile drive out to nowhere no matter how good the project sounded, so he did not purchase any nearby land.

Later,  Art Linkletter would remember how he’d missed an opportunity to buy some of the acreage around Disneyland, but his friend, Walt Disney, had tried to inspire him about this future opportunity.

“The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.” – Proverbs 21:20 NIV

Nothing worth doing comes easily, that’s true, but sometimes we are by nature more willing to pay for “emotional insurance” that prevents negative feelings – like fear, and we are less willing to risk creating positive feelings.

When one door closes another opens; sometimes we need to stop looking at closed doors and start checking for ones now open.

“Lazy people always want things but never get them while those who work hard prosper.” – Proverbs 13:4

Interesting info:  Art Linkletter was born Gordon Arthur Kelly  in    art-linkletter-07Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and abandoned when he was weeks old then adopted by Mary and Fulton Linkletter, Fulton was a preacher.  Art married Lois in 1935  in Grace Lutheran Church in San Diego and they remained married for 74 years.

Walt Disney was born in Chicago, loved to draw, dropped out of high school at age 16, and adored trains.

Walt Disney
Walt Disney

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